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What’s New in Version 2.0

The latest release of the Full Screen extension (Version 2.0), introduces several minor updates and improvements that should enhance your experience. Here’s what’s new:

1. Manifest 3 Implementation: Mandatory (and according to Big G: Faster and More Efficient)

The most significant change in Version 2.0 is the adoption of Manifest 3. While this might sound technical, it brings substantial benefits to users and at some point all chrome extensions are supposed to migrate to this. Manifest 3 is the latest version of the Chrome extension manifest file, and it’s all about optimizing performance and security (at least, that’s what Google says it is).

What does this mean for you? Manifest 3 improves the efficiency of the Full Screen extension, ensuring that it runs smoothly while using fewer system resources. This results in a faster and more responsive browsing experience.

2. Bug Fixes: A More Reliable Full Screen Experience

I’ve listened to your feedback and worked hard to address any issues you might have encountered in previous versions. Version 2.0 includes several bug fixes that make the Full Screen extension more reliable and stable than ever before. Let’s hope I didn’t introduce new bugs!

3. French Version: Now Available

For any French-speaking users, I have some “fantastic” news. The Full Screen extension now includes a French version. This means that the extension’s user interface, descriptions, and tooltips have been translated into French, making it more accessible to a broader audience. But there is a catch, of course: translation was made by our beloved ChatGPT. Don’t shoot me if it’s wrong. I used to know few words in French back in school as a child, and it looks like it’s not completely off, but still…

How to Get the Latest Version:

If you already have the Full Screen extension installed, Chrome will automatically update it to Version 2.0. That’s most probably the only reason you are reading this.

Thank you for choosing Full Screen, and happy browsing!

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Note: Manifest 3 is a technical update that improves the extension’s performance and security. While users may not notice these changes directly, they contribute to a better overall experience.