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Sunset & Sunrise New Tab Wallpaper

Sunset & Sunrise theme for Chrome “New Tab”: gorgeous landscapes, nice and quiet views, amazing photos for every new tab…

Sunsets & Sunrises – At a Glance

This extension replaces the page Chrome shows when you click the “new tab” button with beautiful full-page photo.

No thumbnails, widgets or big useless search boxes: what you get is only the amazing images and small “menu” on the top.

The links on the top include your most visited sites list, shortcuts too history and bookmarks and optional link to the apps page. (Everything can be turned on/off from the options)

To download, rate or review the extension — visit it’s Chrome Web Store page:


  • Over 60 hand-picked high quality photos
  • Random sunset or sunrise wallpaper for very new tab (can you spot the difference?)
  • Links to most visited, bookmarks, history and more (customizable, see the settings page)
  • Clean and image oriented interface — just the wallpaper and the small line of links on top (if you decide to keep it)
  • Works offline (extension doesn’t need internet connection, all photos are downloaded in the initial install and loaded locally)

Questions & Answers:

What are the top-left menu links doing?

  • Most Visited — this is the list of the most visited pages, as provided by the browser (the same as the original functionality, but gives you more links without the thumbnails)
  • Bookmarks — a link to Chrome bookmarks manager
  • History — shortcut to your history page
  • Apps — for those who still use “Chrome apps”  (not shown by default, enable it in the “Options” page if you need it)
  • Options — quick link to the options
  • Help — link to the page you are reading right now


If these links on the top are still too much of distraction for you, feel free to disable any or all of them on the options page.

Disable all the links if you want to remove the top- links bar completely.

How to get to the “Options” page?

Open new tab and look for “Options” link on the top menu.


  1. Right-click on the extension’s icon
  2. Click “Options”

Or, if you prefer, you can type chrome://extensions in the url field, find the beach wallpapers extension in the list and then use the “options” link provided there.


How to get back my old new tab page?

To restore previous new tab page — just uninstall this extension.

Remove the extension

If you want to uninstall the extension (and any extension, by the way), just right click on the extension’s icon and select “Remove from Chrome”.

Alternatively — go to the chrome://extensions page and remove it from there.