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It’s all about browser extensions, love and fun.

We make browser extensions. We love it. And it’s fun.

And on this site you’ll find some of them.

We don’t have many (yet), but the very first are coming really fast.

Currently we have some “new tab” replacements (everybody loves good wallpapers) and some other simple pieces of code are in the making. But let’s not talk about these (yet to be seen) future apps and extensions. Let see what will happen. Planning is great, but who knows what will come?

However, whatever we build and publish here, it will be made with love and with one guiding principle: it will be minimalist, easy to use and “to the point” — few or many, now or then, no matter what and how many extensions you’ll find on this site — be sure we are going to keep things fun and simple.

Because that’s the whole point:

It have to be fun. Not only for the users, but for us. Because without fun the whole world will fade and die in boring obscurity.

And it have to be simple. Complicated things are not funny. Simple to use and to just the point. That will keep the fun alive.

So, please, don’t expect to find anything even remotely close to rocket science here. We may add some rocket wallpapers or themes, but that will be it.

If you are still reading — here are the final notes:

Currently Chrome is the only browser supported. If/when we publish some add-on for other browsers (we are keeping an eye on some) we’ll change the site accordingly, but right now it’s only Chrome.

To see if our extensions are of use to you, just browse the categories (look in the sidebar) and see what we have to offer.

We’ll be happy if you try some of our extensions. To do it, just use the “install” link on the respective extension page.

Finally, if you already installed an extension and want to uninstall it (oh, sorry for not being what you wanted!) — simply click on the extension’s icon and select “Remove from Chrome”. (That’s the way you remove any extension in Chrome, by the way)

May the fun be with you!