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Birds New Tab Wallpapers

Enjoy a beautiful birds wallpaper instead of big ugly thumbnails on your Chrome New Tab page.

Install it now and get random bird photo each time you open a new tab.

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The Birds New Tab Wallpaper replaces your Chrome “new tab” page (which the browser shows when you click the “new tab” button) with image-oriented minimalist version.

It’s minimalist to the core: we removed all widgets, thumbnails, search boxes etc., keeping the same functionality without the visual clutter. So the new tab page you’ll now see comes with only the big, high-quality wallpaper and one small menu on the top-left corner.

The only important part of the original new tab page is still present: the list of your most visited sites is here, just moved to the top-left menu.


  • 75 hand-picked high quality bird photos
  • Random image for each new tab
  • Links to most visited, bookmarks, history (you can choose which one to show/hide)
  • Clean and simple interface — just the wallpaper and the small menu on top, nothing more to distract you
  • Works offline (no internet required)

Questions & Answers:

What are the top-left menu links doing?

  • Most Visited — the list of the most visited sites, as provided by the browser (please note that we do not track your browsing history — the list of your most visited pages is provided by the browser itself)
  • Bookmarks — shortcut to your bookmarks
  • History — link to the history page
  • Apps — if you are using chrome apps, this could be useful (hidden by default, go to the “Options” page to enable)
  • Options — quick access too the extension’s options page
  • Help — quick link to this document


If the small menu in the top-left corner is too much of distraction for you, just go to the settings page and select which menu links to be shown or hidden. Each of the menu items (listed in the previous question) can be turned on and off.

To add/remove menu items, just check/uncheck respective checkboxes.

You can de-select all menu items if you want to hide the top-left menu at all.

How to access the “Options” page?

If you see an “Options” link on the top-left menu on the new tab page, just click it. If not, use the following method:

  1. Right-click on the extensions icon
  2. Click “Options”
  3. Click on the respective checkboxes to select/deselect menu links

Alternatively, you can visit chrome://extensions page and click the “options” link under the extension description.

System Requirements:

  • Desktop versions of Chrome (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS)
  • 45 megabytes of disk space

Does it use my internet?

Nope. Works offline (images are part of the extension, no internet connection required)

How to restore my default new tab page?

To get back your old new tab page just uninstall the extension (see below).

Uninstall (Remove) Extension

If you decide to remove the New Tab Wallpaper, just right click on the extension’s icon and select “Remove from Chrome”.