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Custom Menu

Custom Menu

Create Your Own Quick Menu in the Toolbar with One Simple Extension

Are you tired of navigating through endless bookmarks and menus to access your favorite websites? Look no further! Our toolbar extension brings you a simple and efficient solution to create your very own quick menu right in your browser’s toolbar.

Customize Your Menu with Ease

With the Simple Menu Editor, customizing your menu is quick and easy. Simply click on the “Options” tab, and you’ll gain access to a world of customization page. Add, remove, and rearrange menu items with just a few clicks.

Add, Edit, and Delete Menu Items

Our user-friendly menu editor lets you add new items to your menu effortlessly.

Just click the “Add” button, and you can enter the title and URL of the website you want to include.

Need to make changes? No problem! Just click on the title or url to edit them.

Unwanted menu items cluttering your brand new menu? Say goodbye to them with the “delete” button.

Each menu item comes with a convenient delete button, allowing you to remove any unnecessary links in a snap.

Reset to Default for a Fresh Start

Sometimes, you may want to start fresh and go back to the original menu provided by the extension. The “Reset” button does exactly that:

Click “Reset..”, and all custom menu items will be removed, and your toolbar menu will be restored to its initial state.

A Sleek and Modern Design

I love simple aesthetics, and that’s why this extension follows the principles of the most simplistic material design.

I wanted sleek and simple user interface with clean fonts and a light color scheme. If navigating through your menu is not enough visually appealing for you, drop me a note. I was about to add “night mode” or something like that, but decided against because this is only a first test version…

Where to get it?

If you still don’t have the extension:

Go and get the Custom Menu from the Chrome Web Store, pin it to the toolbar and unlock the power of a personalized quick menu right at your fingertip (the one on the mouse button, I mean;-)).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add as many menu items as I want?

A: Absolutely! Our extension allows you to add and organize an unlimited number of menu items, giving you complete control over your browsing shortcuts.

Q: Can I change the order of my menu items?

A: Yes, you can! Simply click and hold the drag icon associated with each menu item, then move it to your desired position. Rearranging your menu items is a breeze.

Q: Will uninstalling the extension delete my custom menu?

A: Uninstalling the extension will definitely remove all saved settings from the local storage of the browser. If you reinstall the extension in the future, your menu items will NOT be there — so don’t remove it 😉

Q: Is the extension compatible with other browsers?

A: Currently, the Custom Menu extension is available for Chrome users. In most cases you will be able to install the Chrome version on chromium browsers like Opera or Edge. If there is interest, I can port it to other browsers in future.

Q: Why Installing Custom Menu? We have bookmarks!

A: Yes, we have. But I love to have some things on the toolbar, that’s an option for some cases and if you are like me, you’ll enjoy it.


Give your browsing experience a boost with our toolbar extension today! Say goodbye to cluttered bookmarks and hello to a simple, personalized, and efficient quick menu. Get started now and enjoy seamless access to your favorite websites with just a click!