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Porsche Wallpapers

Porsche wallpapers for your Chrome “new tab” page.

Get it now and enjoy randomly selected Porsche image every time you open a new tab.

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This page contains all the important info about this Chrome extension. Read below if you have a question. If you can’t find the solution here, just go to the “contact” page and drop us a line.

Porsche Wallpapers Pack:

This extension replaces your Chrome “new tab” page (the one browser shows when you click the “new tab” button) with big full-page images of cars (and not only cars ;-)) and small number of buttons sitting in the top-left corner (to keep the shortcuts to your bookmarks, history , most visited pages a mouse click away)

At a Glance:

  • 22 hand-picked HD backgrounds
  • Random photo shown on every new tab opened
  • Customizable shortcuts: most visited, bookmarks, history etc.
  • Select what to see in the top menu on the options page
  • Once installed, images are served locally, therefore no internet connection required

Questions & Answers:

What about the shortcuts on the top?

Following is the link of all possible links in the top menu bar:

  • Most Visited — the pages you are visiting most often (the same as the old thumbnails, but not taking so much screen space)
  • Bookmarks — link to the bookmarks page
  • History — shortcut to the browser history
  • Apps — hidden by default, this is useful on Chrome OS devices (points to the “Chrome Apps” page)
  • Options and Help links — quick access to the extension settings and the page you are currently reading

All of the above can be turned on and off on the options page (see below).

What’s the deal with the “Options” page?

If the tiny line of shortcuts on the top is still too much for you, you may open the options page and select some or all of these shortcuts to be removed.

To show or hide these links, just check/uncheck their “checkbox” — and that’s pretty much everything this settings page does.

Hint: to remove them all — just uncheck all the boxes.

How to get to the settings page?

If you don’t see the “Options” button on the top-left corner of the window, follow these steps below:

  1. Right-click on the extension icon in the toolbar (see among the hidden icons if you don’t see it)
  2. Click “Options”

Alternatively, type “chrome://extensions” (witout the quotes) in the url bar, click Enter, find the Porsche Wallpapers extension and click on the “options” button.

Does it work on mobile?

Unfortunately — no, Chrome for desktop is the only browser supported


Does it work on other browsers?

Nope. Only Chrome supports this kind of New Tab replacement extensions as far as we know…

How to get back my old new tab page?

If you don’t want it anymore, just uninstall the extension (see below) and you’ll restore the previous “new tab” behavior of your browser.

How to remove the extension?

It’s simple as a piece of cake: right-click on the Porsche New Tab icon and select “Remove from Chrome”. If you can’t find the icon — go to the extensions page (type chrome://extensions in the url field) and remove it from there.

What’s the deal with this icon?

Well, if you don’t get this, you may want to read more about the history of VW… Go to wikipedia or something like that, the truth is out there 😉