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Simplify URL Sharing with our Quick QR Code Generator Chrome Extension


In today’s fast-paced digital world, sharing URLs has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it’s sending a website link to a friend or saving a webpage for later, we often find ourselves dealing with long and cumbersome URLs. However, there is a convenient solution available to simplify URL sharing – our useful Chrome extension called the Quick QR from URL Generator.

Download Quick QR for Chrome

On this page, we will explore how this extension can effortlessly encode URLs into compact QR codes and enhance your overal internet experience.

Encode URLs into QR Codes with Ease:

The Quick QR from URL extension provides a seamless way to encode URLs into compact QR codes. With just a click, you can encode the URL of your current tab or enter a custom URL and generate a 150×150 QR code instantly. This eliminates the need to manually copy and paste lengthy URLs, making sharing and accessing webpages more efficient than ever before.

To create the QR — just click the extension icon and tap on the green button. This will instantly convert the current tab URL into a QR image, ready to save, share or scan with your phone.

Save and Scan QR Codes for Easy Access:

One of the key advantages of using this Chrome extension is the ability to save QR codes for later use. After generating a QR code for the active tab, you can save it to your device or preferred location. This feature allows you to quickly access webpages by simply scanning the QR code with your mobile phone. Whether you want to continue reading an article on the go or share a webpage with someone physically, scanning the QR code will open the same page on your mobile device effortlessly.

Effortless QR Code Image Saving:

The Quick QR from URL Generator extension creates 150x150px image with a click. By right-clicking on the generated QR code, a popup menu will appear, providing the option to “Save Image…” (Different text, depending on the browser and/or device, but it will be either “Save” or “Download” image…) With a simple click, you can save the QR code as image to your desired location, allowing you to use it offline or share it through various channels such as social media, messaging apps, or email.

QR Codes with Your Own URL:

Apart from encoding the active tab’s URL, the extension offers the flexibility to set your own custom URL. By selecting the respective option, you can enter any desired URL and generate a personalized QR code. This feature comes in handy when you want to share URLs that are not currently open in your browser, allowing you to generate QR codes for specific webpages or even deep links within apps.


The Quick QR from URL Generator Chrome extension revolutionizes the way we share and access URLs. With its seamless QR code generation, convenient saving options, and the ability to customize QR codes with your own URLs, this extension simplifies the process of sharing webpages and enhances your browsing experience. Say goodbye to long and error-prone URLs, and embrace the efficiency and versatility of QR codes. Install this extension today and enjoy effortless URL sharing like never before.